Home Sweet Home


Home Sweet Home or HSH is a video game where you play as a candy who wants to get home. The objective is to collect as many candies as possible, while avoiding the banana enemies and getting home in under 100 seconds.

Version: 1.0 (2017-05-14)



It can be played online here. HTML5 WebGL is required, and it may take around 10 seconds to load.

Download Binaries

PGP Key: A9C7 E59C 4E61 DE6A 3A49 A5D4 BA8A 788F 1BD9 6508


Arrow keys or the WASD keys can be used to control the candy. The r key restarts the game.

Source Code

GitHub: gg2001/hsh (Download: zip, tar.gz)

$ git clone https://github.com/gg2001/hsh.git

HSH is open sourced and licensed under the MIT License.


Unity3D was used as the game engine. It was programmed primarily in C# (CSharp).


HSH won first place in the Coding For Life (high school only) arcade game competition at the Tokyo Indie Fest on Sunday May 14th 2017. We participated with the team name "K-IST Coders" and competed against 7 teams from 4 high schools in Tokyo.

  1. K-IST Coders -> 223
  2. GURIECO -> 217
  3. Mallaborema -> 212
  4. Treetops -> 173
  5. SVS -> 168
  6. JEPI -> 150
  7. KenMatLec -> 125

Infographic. Blog post on Maker Toolset (Archive).



HSH was created by members of the KIST Programming Club at K. International School Tokyo.

CC0 1.0 Universal - 2019 (gCubed)